Yoga, Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Vedic Astrology in english in Budapest…

Greetings, my name is Adam Baktai. If you need some help, or if you are simply curious in any of the above mentioned fields, feel free to contact me.

I am the father of 3 wonderful children, I am well over 40, and my claim to fame is simple. I lived and studied in India for 10 yrs in a monastery. I intensively and extensively studied Zen Shiatsu, a traditional form of Japanese body work, Ayurveda, the natural healing method of ancient India, Yoga and Vedic Astrology.

For the past 25 yrs I have been duly practicing the above arts, so apart from my studies I have a pretty good amount of experience as well. I had work and teaching experience in India, Bali, the UAE, Fiji, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK for shorter or longer periods. The school I have studied in India was an English medium school, so I have a pretty good command of the language.

I also teach slow-paced, low intensity hatha yoga at a studio, at 7 pm Mondays and Thursdays and at 9 am on Wednesdays.

If you nedd some help or have any questions, or if you wish to fix an appointment you can reach me on the 00 36 30 417 9862 number through text message, or you can reach my assistant on weekdays from 08.30 AM to 10.00 AM,  on this mobile no: 00 36 30 786 0966, she also speaks english.

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai

2 Responses to Yoga, Ayurveda, Shiatsu and Vedic Astrology in english in Budapest…

  1. ozlem ozcelik szerint:

    hi adam

    I just want to learn if you make asrology readings. If so I want to learn a llittle about your methodogy and payment.


    • Goredas Goredas szerint:

      yes i do vedic astrological readings. i studied astrology in india for 7 yrs. and that was about 17 yrs ago, so that would be 17 yrs all in all. i do classical indian readings, using multiple chart readings along your birth chart. we have a system of planetary periods which gives further guidance into the future, rather than the ever repeating transit system of western astrology. i also do muhurta calculations, which is finding good dates for events to come. i do prasna, which is more focusing on one question at a time. i do compatibility charts as wll between people. i dont know what to say. are you familiar with vedic astrology? my fees are 8000 forints for the hour. in that time we can check on others charts as well, like kids, parents, partners, etc. i dont believe in over charging people because they are nice enough to ask about other people who are important to them.
      om tat sat

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